About Me

I am a 28 year old attorney living in Philadelphia, PA, USA, clerking for a judge (doing legal research and writing.)  For me, cooking started as a stress reliever during law school.  At some point cooking changed from a way to feed myself to an actual hobby.  I love trying new recipes and learning about new types of food.  Although I love to make certain dishes over and over again, I moreso enjoy experimenting with new foods and challenging myself in the kitchen.  This led to an embarrassingly eager interest in bread baking.  More recently it has led me to trying dishes from different cultures.  I nerdily enjoy the cross between a country’s history, geography, culture, and cuisine. So I started this blog to document my project of cooking one dish from every country in the world.  Starting with China, the largest country by population down to the Pitcairn Islands – with about 50 people.


Some questions you might be asking:

Q: Why this order?  A:  Well, I decided to go by population order for one main reason.  I realized i have little knowledge of what some of the largest countries on the planet tend to eat.  I know much more about smaller countries like Italy and Spain than I do about China and Indonesia.  I figure just by learning about the few largest countries, I will have a better idea of what the bulk of the planet eats.

Q: How do you choose your recipes?  A:  Not exactly randomly – but kind of.  There are several possible reasons for me to choose a recipe.  I try to choose recipes I haven’t cooked before – to keep it interesting for myself.  I try to pick recipes that are either somewhat representative of a region of a country or representative of a nation as a whole.  I might pick a recipe based on it having an interesting history, lots of influence from neighboring countries, impacted by the religions and cultures of a nation, or because I really like the name.  I also might choose a recipe to give a new perspective on a country – this may mean not cooking a burger from America and not cooking Spaghetti and Meatballs for Italy – I want to learn something myself, and hopefully communicate something new to my readers.

Q: How do you choose which countries to cook from?  A: Basically I plan to cook from all countries.  I am going to try to stray from politics in this blog (other than a mention to food being the great equalizer).  Therefore, I don’t plan to skip certain countries just because their sovereign status is in dispute.  I am more likely to choose not to recognize a country because the country is very small and has very similar cuisine to a country it is classically associated with.

Q:  Do you plan to have non-recipe posts?  A:  I do!  I hope to review restaurants I eat at that specifically deal with the cuisine of a certain country.  I may also post a film review here and there.  And maybe an update about my exciting life – i.e. why I have been so lazy in a certain month or something.

Q: Why eatingtheatlas.com?  A:  Well, I thought about awful puns for a week or two before choosing something similar.  I wanted to convey I am not just eating from different countries, but actually eating from all the countries.  And probably in the most nerdy way possible.

Q: Why aren’t there more cat pictures?  A:  Don’t give up hope.

Q: How can I send you my amazing family recipes?  A: You can contact me for any reason at EatingTheAtlas@gmail.com